Local Info & Support

Looking after children comes with plenty of challenges and sometimes we all need a little support.

We have gathered together lots of local resources and organisations that offer help to those in need. Have a look through and find out about some of the amazing organisations who are there to help.

  • Maternity Information - This page is just for all the lovely mums-to-be, you can find information on the following: Maternity & Nursing Clothing  Maternity Things To Do Maternity & Nursing Clothing Not exactly the easiest section to find in any store, and trapsing around a shopping centre/city centre when you’re carrying a bump is not the first thing that any […]
  • Miscarriage & Bereavement Support - Whether you have lost a pregnancy, a child or someone close to you, grief can be overwhelming and it is only natural to need some support. Here are some support groups who are there to help, but don’t forget that you can always talk to your GP too. The Miscarriage Association The Miscarriage Association provides support and […]
  • Post Natal Depression - Having a new baby can be a joyous occasion. However, experts believe that about 10 – 15% of women experience some kind of depression after giving birth. This can often be as simple as a mother just not feeling herself. If this continues, the initial feelings can become more pervasive, and without interventions or treatment, […]
  • Parenting Support in Sheffield - There are a vast number of support groups in Sheffield but often it can be hard to find out the who, what and the where. The groups listed here are for parents who are looking for some support. We do stress that you ask for help if you need it, you will never regret calling any […]
  • Breastfeeding Support in Sheffield - Breastfeeding support can be found from a number of places, below is a selection of organisations that specialise in breastfeeding support. The one thing that you must remember is ASK FOR HELP! Don’t suffer on your own, breastfeeding is a wonderful experience but it can be incredibly hard in the beginning.   1 – Breastfeeding In […]